handwashing, handpressing, atlanta metro area,  purses, bags, silk shoesHave a stain on your favorite blouse? Need your handbag cleaned? Looking for reasonable prices? Welcome to Modern Specialty Dry Cleaning. We are a specialty dry cleaning company that hand washes and presses all of your fine garments. With a 60 year history of well-known hand cleaning and hand pressing service, we are able to provide services to the Atlanta metro area, the entire state of Georgia, and the surrounding states.

Modern Specialty Dry Cleaning has UPS accounts for customers outside of Atlanta and Georgia. These particular customers send their items to be cleaned and we ship them back by UPS. We clean almost anything such as purses, bags, silk shoes, drapery, designer fashions, suede, leather, linen, etc. Our employees are well-trained, knowledgeable, spot remover specialists.

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